Twinspiration(s) 2

Don’t just take my word for it. This is what @zelandroid009 has to say about the mental health twitter community.

jots and thoughts

I am very fortunate to have stumbled into a vibrant mental health community on Twitter. Many of the posts are poignant as people share their deepest fears, and hurts and struggles that echo those I faced, and still face, myself. It is shocking how so many can feel so much and yet be so alone within the misery their illness creates.

Yet, within this community is hope, and vitality and compassion. The emotions are honest, the hope is wondrous, the stories are true inspirations. Much can be conveyed through a simple image or phrase.

Here are some images and thoughts that caused me to pause and reflect:

The “Black Dog” of DepressionScreen-Shot-2015-12-16-at-11.41.55-AM

Note to self:


It’s a matter of perspective:


A single word can hide so much:


Inspiration can come from anywhere:


We often have an inner strength we forget is there:


Who can look at this image and not…

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