But what if it does help…

what we think we become so our own perception is important.

Anxiety Warrior

Often this blog is filled with posts about how I’m coping in my fight with anxiety and the challenges I face, with the odd ‘advice’ post thrown in for good measure. Well for this, I wanted to merge the two. Last week I posted (here) about a challenged I faced with going on holiday. The airports scare me and at one point I thought I’d never go abroad, yet I actually did it. Looking back, I think what did it for me was knowing the end result was going to be my reward. I had something to look forward to, which acted like a shield when fighting this incredibly strong mental illness.

This made me think – if we all had something positive to look forward to, then maybe every fight wouldn’t be so hard?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that when faced with tough situations that make…

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