It’s who I am. 

This is a great read and a great example of how mental health doesn’t have to define you.

Anxiety Warrior

It’s World Mental Health Day!

I generally blog about all things anxiety, so for today I wanted to do something different.

For almost 2 years I’ve remained anonymous on twitter for many reasons – the main one being stigma. I’m not quite strong enough to deal with people judging me on the mental illness I have, so for me it’s easier to remain anonymous. That, and it would greatly affect my career and sadly that’s still something I have to consider.

Regardless of my anonymity, I’ve met some incredible people on twitter who I would class as friends and I’m so pleased they’re prepared to trust me, or rather a picture of a Buddha head.

Although I’m grateful of this, it does mean I’m not able to tell a full story. I can tell people how well I’m doing (or not in some cases), and how I face up to…

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