It’s Time to Talk – Mental Illness: A Common Opponent

Men suffer with mental health too

Matthew Williams: Love, Laughter & Truth


I’ve always been a talker, for as long as I can remember. Talk a glass eye to sleep I could. If it came into my head then, more often than not, it would fall out of my mouth in pretty short order. It’s fair to say that this characteristic hasn’t always been appreciated as countless school reports – and hundreds of ‘I must not talk in class’ lines – would attest to.

As I’ve aged matured I’ve learned when it’s best to talk and when it’s best to stay silent; well, for the most part anyway.

Today, it’s time to talk.

February 2nd 2017 is Time to Talk Day, a campaign ran by the charity Rethink Mental Illness to encourage more people to speak out and challenge the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

I’m lucky, I can talk. I can also write, and I am thankful that I can use…

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