About Me

imageits1stepatatime was born in April 2016 and as part of this, it was important to allow people to get to know me and understand why ‘I’ wanted to create such a website.  I documented my original story here.  However, I have said and will say many times that actually:

“the joy is in the journey and not the destination”.

After setting the site up initially, I realised I had to focus on my own path and it meant that my dream for its1stepatatime got put on hold during the latter half of 2016.  But with a fire in my belly and a passion reignited, January 2017 was a time to revisit and relaunch the website.

Just reading the ‘about me’ section made me realise how far I’d come and that it was necessary to let people know that getting better is possible.  I wasn’t sure whether to just update and edit the page but it struck me, it was all about documenting the journey.  You can read how things have changed for me now here.

I have to keep putting 1 foot in front of the other, left foot, right foot.