Alternative coping mechanisms

I think we sometimes forget that we are all individuals and when it comes to Mental Health, it is true to say that there is not one ‘go-to’ solution.  We are all different and a “one size fits all” mentality wont work.

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

You will each have your own reasons for being brought to the its1stepatatime website so I’d like to share some of the vast tools that I have encountered in the hope that they may just help you or a loved one.

It is safe to say, that those of you who have officially been given the ‘label’ of a mental health sufferer will each have a different experience of how the NHS has helped or supported you; or not as in many cases.  Personally, I fall into the ‘not’ category.  I was given a leaflet with a number to call.  But due to my own anxieties, I never made that call and in the end decided to look at the vast array of alternatives that were available to me.


I found many ways to help me in a moment of crisis.  From a simple item like a key ring, to a tattoo (maybe a bit extreme) but they are visual and tangible and help me to focus on something – my own Talisman.



The people in your life can also be a great source of support and encouragement as described in a blog post here by my friend @anxiwarrior

Below are some of the other ideas that I found and considered to help my recovery.  The list will go on and on and I would love to hear your thought and ideas about what has and hasn’t helped you.

Be Creative

CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)



Jars of Awesome

Life Coaching


Memory Boxes

Music & Movies

Plan and Set Goals


Self Care



Social Media

Tangible Items – Your Talisman


Words & Terminology

WOW List

Writing a diary



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