Dale Pinnock

imageDale Pinnock is a vocal, passionaate and down to earth champion of the beneficial effects that food can have on our health.  He has degrees in Human Nutrition and Herbal Medicine and a Masters in Nutritional Medicine, so he knows what foods really do your body good and why.  Vitally, he has also worked as a chef and knows the importance of using affordable, accessible ingredients in his mouthwatering recipes, to make it easy for us to unlock the full potential of the nutrients in our food to maintain health and fight disease.  By combining scientific knowledge and culinary enthusiasm, Dale shows how food can be powerful, indulgent and enjoyable medicine.

Among Dale’s books for specific conditions, he has also written The Medicinal Chef: Eat your way to better health and The Medicinal Chef: Healthy every day.  Both are in my kitchen.

In his book The Medicinal Chef: Anxiety & Depression, Dale looks into why anxiety and depression are becoming an epidemic and growing at an alarming rate and how changing your diet can alleviate your symptoms.  He unpicks the physiology and anatomy of anxiety and depression to show how diet can affect the hormones that alter mood, then shows how to cook fabulous food to include those powerful nutrients into every meal.

This isnt about eating salad and tofu either.  If starting your day with a toasted muffin with smoked salmon, spinach and hollandaise sounds good, then this is the diet for you, while chocolate crunch pots will put a smile on your face as it works to help relieve your symptoms.

Dale’s aim isn’t to provide an alternative to other forms of treatment, he shows how dieat can work alongside them to play a full role in healthcare, helping us all to take an active role in improving our own health.

He has become my kitchen God.  He has also connected me to one of my greatest friends through our shared love and appreciation of what Dale is and does!

You can follow Dale on twitter @ dale_pinnock