Emily Coxhead

This is how Emily describes herself on her webpage

A fluffy haired, smiley kinda’ thing striving to carve my own way in the world through many different aspects of creativity, especially focusing on Design, Illustration and Photography. My main aim is to add a little bit of sunshine to a person’s day… If it makes a person smile in some way, shape or form then my job there is done.

If you dont already follow Emily on Twitter or Instagram I would highly recomend that you do as her tweets and images are often witty but thought prevoking and generally very positive.  Like Emily says, she wishes to add a little bit of sunshine to a persons day.

Check out her website and also The Happy Newspaper that Emily herself founded and is now editor, director, creator, designer, promoter and postman of.  It is Emily’s goal for The Happy Newspaper to continue quarterly through the year.

A newspaper to celebrate all that’s good in the world…

The Happy Newspaper is a platform to share positive news and wonderful people.

Read here how a Random Act of Kindness with a copy of The Happy Newspaper was able to spread so much joy and reward Emily in a way she never imagined that day.