Mental Health in the Workplace

Whilst we are socially conditioned to complain about work, if you stop to think about the benefits work can bring you it can really change your mind-set.  Your job provides you with food, clothes, a home, a distraction, an opportunity to chat and interact with people and that’s not taking into consideration job satisfaction and self-worth.  Considering these points will assist in altering your mind-set positively and make you happier and more productive.

Just like family, you cant usually chose your work colleagues and yet you spend a big bulk of your day with them.  With this in mind, consider finding commonalities and opportunities to team build whether it is through a charity fund raiser or lunch time aerobics class to help you bond you with your work colleagues.

Having ambitions, goals and plans within your work will help to keep you engaged and enthusiastic.  This goal could be as big as a promotion, or as small as ensuring you say good morning to everyone, or even keeping a daily to do list.  This will give you a sense of achievement and purpose.

Poor time management will give you a feeling of being overwhelmed and this will create added stress in your day.  Manage your time.  This can be achieved by arriving 15 minutes earlier to allow you to reflect on the day ahead and list what you would like to achieve.  Try using the Success Seven Model.