There are many people who have helped shape my recovery and have helped me emerge from my depression as the person I am today.  While I am the person who walks on this path and ultimately I am the person in control of my own future I have very much needed people (and will continue to do so) to walk alongside me for a while and point me towards the right direction.

The Speakmans were probably my first influence and helped me understand and realise that I can change my own thought processes, my own fears and my own insecurities.  These guys really helped me when I was at rock bottom and needed help to start the climb from the hole I had found myself in.

Then there is the fabulous Dale Pinnock who made me think about the foods I was putting into my body and the effects food has on the mind.  I suppose an analogy here could be putting diesel into a petrol car; it simply wont work and will be damaged.  Or putting one of the ‘superfuels’ in to give an enhanced performance.

So whilst The Speakmans and Dale helped me start the climb from my despair, I then met through social media an American guy called Luke Dancy.  Luke had a very rare medical illness and spent twelve months of his adult life learning to stand and walk again.  It became Luke’s mission to “help as many people as I can and to motivate them to never give up.”  Powerful words that accompanied a powerful picture on  Instagram and I was hooked.  Luke has a weekly podcast full of inspirational quotes, magic and motivation.  It was through Luke I was introduced to Max Major.  With his daily video vlogs (vlogs), I was really able to connect with Max and I would definitely say that he has been and is one of my biggest influences and a major source of my inspiration.

To quote the fabulous Emily Coxhead who definitely brings sunshine into my day through social media and The Happy News:

My main aim is to add a little bit of sunshine to a person’s day… If it makes a person smile in some way, shape or form then my job there is done.

Family and friends also provide a much needed support network.  Recent studies actually suggest we become like the five people we spend most time with.  It is therfore vital to consider your friends wisely.

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