Plan and Set Goals

If you don’t plan your life, you will become destined to become part of someone else’s plans and what they have planned for you might not be great.  Having goals, both small and large, long and short term (and those that may seem entirely impossible today) will make you far more successful than you ever would be without.  Setting goals activates your mind’s reticular activating system which is like your internal Sat Nav and directs you towards whatever you tell it is important to you.  To engage your reticular activating system you must write down your goals and read them often as this will make you see opportunities you would have otherwise missed.

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Start with 2 or 3 daily goals no matter how small.  Then progress to goals for the year ahead and then goals for your future.  Having goals will give you direction, purpose and a sense of achievement.  Try the Success Seven model.

(Information taken from The Speakmans tour brochure).