Social Media

It is safe to say that Social Media generally gets a bad press and a bad reputation.  But used in the correct way, Social Media can also be the most amazing of things.

It may seem a bit extreme to some people, though I’m sure to others they will understand what I’m about to say completely

Social Media saved my life!

In the deep despair of loneliness and hopelessness, lying in my bed, shut off from the world I reached out and found people who were feeling just the same way I was.  It was by no way in a negative, pulling each other down kind of way, but in a supportive, understanding way.  Who better to understand what you’re going through than someone who is on that same path?

Friendships were formed, some fleeting but others that have lasted and stood the test of time almost.  I havent just got followers, I have made true friends and we coined the phrase (or hashtag) #friendsnotfollowers  I’d even go further than that and say that a small group within the mental health twitter community #mhcommunity see ourselves more like family than even friends.  On the whole, we converse by written message although our family group did all have a Skype call which was pretty amazing to see and hear people’s voices.  One of the most uplifting and amazing memories for me is meeting my #twittersister for the first time and sharing stories in person over champagne cocktails!

If you’re on twitter search out some of these hashtags # to find support and people who can empathise and want to help:



Dont just take my word for it.

Twitter hasnt just been about finding like-minded people, it has also been about finding inspiring and inspirational people who I can honestly say have helped mould and change ly life for the better.  OK, so I am responsible for changing my life but I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them.

In fact, without the awesome Max Major, it is safe to say that this website would not exist!  It is Max’s enthusiasm, motivation, dedication and personal beliefs that persuaded me to follow my dream!

Nik and Eva Speakman are also two very influential people in my life.  Having watched segments on ITV daytime, I began to appreciate their thought process and marvel at how they were able to cure people of phobias and help rebuild their lives after traumas.

Daytime TV also introduced me to The Medicinal Chef otherwise known as Dale Pinnock.  He isn’t just another TV cook, making extravagant meals.  Dale knows and demonstrates the effects foods can have on your body both physically and mentally and has devised recipes for that very purpose.  I know you’re probably thinking that ‘healthy’ means bland and lacking in flavour but I (as well as many Dale fans) can vouch for that not being the case at all.  Check them out for yourself.

It would be great to know your thoughts on social media and if anyone has really stood out for you as a support.  Maybe we can include them here.

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