Success Seven

Write a list of seven things that you need to do, would like to complete or must not forget that day.  If possible, one of the items listed should be a task just for you, something to contribute to your long-term goals.  You don’t need to go into huge detail.

Number them in order of importance as follows:

1 – 3 – Tasks you MUST do

4 & 5 – Tasks you would LIKE to do

6 & 7 – Tasks that COULD WAIT until the following day


When you have completed each task, tick it off and if you don’t manage to complete all of your tasks, add any that are outstanding to the next days list.  When you have completed the list, put two diagonal lines through the entire page and write in the middle ‘ACHIEVED’.

This approach will keep you focused on what is really important, it will assist you to manage your time more efficiently and will give you more control within your life.

At the end of every day you can also applaud yourself for what you have accomplished and you can rest assured that by continuing this process on a daily basis, you will never again have to focus on things that you haven’t completed which will undoubtedly increase your confidence.

As time passes, look back over your achievements as they will assist in motivating you as you will have visual evidence of how much control and organisation you have in your life.

(Information taken from The Speakmans tour brochure).