Tangible Items – Your Talisman

With mental health, many of the problems stem from within the brain and mind therefore dont have a physical presence.  By having something tangible, something capable of being touched that is real or actual instead of being imaginary can often bring a sense of comfort.  Something simple like a key ring.

Or how about a Talisman – ‘a small object usually inscribed, believed to protect the wearer from evil influences’.  In my case, I wear a ring that was sent to me as a random act of kindness and also a bracelet received as a christmas gift both from very dear friends.  Both are worn daily to protect me from the ‘evil influences’ of my own mind.


Your Talisman can be anything whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on your human feelings or actions.

How about an everyday object like a pencil, each with its own inspirational quote.  I bought these online from The Happiness Planner.

As I type away, I am ’embracing my wanderlust’


What tangible items help you?  Do you have your own Talisman to get you through and fight the negative influences of your own mind?  Please do share your thought and ideas, i would love to hear from you.



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