What is Mental Health?

Mental Health is not just about people with diagnosable conditions in the same way that physical health is not just about people with cancer, diabetes or arthritis.

EVERYONE has mental health and EVERYONE needs good salf care practice.

Know your limitations, know your boundaries, know yourself and self care will come a lot easier.


Whether we are diagnosed with a mental illness or not, we all have a brain and mind that we all need to take care of.  Mental health can have many guises and these are just a few:

An explanation of Depression from TED-Ed. A short but informative video clip. I would like to add though, don’t be alarmed at some of the suggested treatments.  I and I’m sure many people have been able to control their depression with far less dramatic treatments.  Please check the Alternative Coping Mechanisms section of the website for some ideas.
Nobody is born sad, negative, shy, full of self loathing, anxious or a failure.  We are all a product of our environment.