Words & Terminology

Have you ever considered that everything you do, everything you feel, everything you experience and the quality of your thoughts and your internal dialect are all based upon the words you use?

Your life and everything you experience is based entirely upon the words you use to describe it.  With this in mind, it is important to consider upgrading your terminology to upgrade your life and feel happier about yourself.

For example, if you feel depressed, consider what word you would use to describe yourself if the word ‘depression’ didnt exist.  Might you just feel down instead?  What if the words ‘panic attack’ didnt exist.  Would you just be feeling anxious?  Or how about using the word ‘hate’ using the word ‘dislike’ as this would extinguish the intense negative feelings associated with that word.  You should notice that using better words significantly reduces the negative emotions you create when you use them.

It is important to consider the other words you use often and look at upgrading other aspects of your terminology.  Here are some examples of alternatives you could use to help you be happier:

Empowering your positive words, try changing…

  • Alright to Fantastic
  • Determined to Unstoppable
  • Glad to Thrilled
  • Good to Excellent
  • Okay to Outstanding
  • Pretty to Gorgeous
  • Satisfactory to Amazing
  • Smart to Genius
  • Strong to Invincible

Improve your negative words by changing…

  • Annoyed to Ruffled
  • Disgusted to Surprised
  • Frightened to Curious
  • Lost to Searching
  • Disappointed to Inconvenienced
  • Overwhelmed to In Demand
  • Painful to Uncomfortable
  • Rejected to Under Appreciated
  • Stupid to Learning
  • Terrible to Out of Sorts
(Information taken from The Speakmans tour brochure).



 Make your words mean something, choose them carefully and choose them wisely for they can be the greatest gift that you ever give and the harshest wound that you ever inflict.